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Let’s strengthen our partnership

There are many investors in Visakhapatnam who have got the land to develop a property but lack the capital required to fund the project all alone. If you have a free hold on your land and are looking for a potential joint venture with a builder in Visakhapatnam, we’re more than interested in working together.   Our standing as a builder and strong relationships with partners, local civic authorities means that we are regarded as a property developer of choice by several landowners. We mainly target residential areas having great connectivity to downtown Visakhapatnam and always seek to add value to the project by designing and building attractive homes to maximize the value of your land.   In our six years of experience so far, we have been involved in several joint venture property development projects in Visakhapatnam. We’re quite excited to be engaging with customers on a joint venture as it allows us to bring them great investment opportunities that match their requirements and risk profile.